Monday, September 29, 2008


Swati's post gave me a lot of confidence..was shying away from sharing this..but not anymore..Nani- wherever you are- this is for you..with love.

i can hear the soft rustle of your crisp cotton saree,
the primitive glasses lay untouched, abandoned.
the velvety softness of those calloused hands- raised in
perpetual blessing- frozen in my memory.

the mild lavender fragrance that once flowed from your skin-
greets me in my night-time walks now.
the wind carries your smell.

the thought of your kind embrace is as warm as sunshine,
the sound of your quick-step still rings true.
your voice as you devotedly chanted prayers still wakes me
at the break of dawn.
i imagine your shadow- leaning over the kitchen stove, and hear the mirthful laugh.
i smile at the way you innocently worried- and the plans you had for us, your delight at our achievements, your love for music.
and i wonder...wonder where the fortitude came from.

i comb your silver-white hair in my dreams,
and see your always bright eyes brimming with care.
i miss your handwritten letters, your precious intelligence
and simply your presence.

but this is what i do- brave my heart into the promise of a new day-
knowing that i still have you.


  1. look here im the first one 2 cmmnt 4 such a touching post,one very close to my heart..tanx 4 expressing it in wndrful n a bttr way..u brought her live,right in front of me..luv u dadi,n luv u sis..

  2. "love is the one who masters all things."

    Mawlãnã Rumi...for you...