Friday, November 27, 2015

Burnt Bridges

I see you from across the valley,
Head down as a sign of defeat,
Hands clenched on the times you were happy,
Body sweating from the intense heat.
The flames are now high as your kneecaps,
Their movements reflect in your eye,
Still easy to see from this distance,
That it takes all you have not to cry.
I could send you my voice on the breezes,
But my throat is determined to choke,
Not sure if it's stuck on emotion,
Or smothered in all of this smoke.
You yell out that I should just leave you,
You'd be better once you are alone,
These fires will fight the dark winter,
That threatens to freeze all your bones.
But the cold's not the reason I'm worried,
Nor the clouds that are heavy with rain,
It's the fact that you'd rather be burning,
Than admit to the world you're in pain.
And the hurt that shall come when you realize,
Once to ashes the flames have been turned,
That there's no warmth in a fire born solely,
From all of the bridges you've burned.

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