Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My blog turned a year-old today. It is quite unbelievable for me as I wasn't tracking my days or anything. While fiddling with the settings here I just chanced upon the date when I had posted my first thoughts. And lo! and behold! There came the realization! This past year has seen me starting off extremely enthused about this entire blogging business, then sadly getting tied up with the many banalities of existence- hence not being able to fulfil my duties and promises as a regular for an awfully long period, and then snapping back out of my vegetative state(thankfully!). I'd like to say that in this short time I have come across an insane amount of talent and have been bowled over by the creativity present here(I am sorry Saurabh if it sounds like I have borrowed verbatim from your recent post! Whatcha gonna do? It's all true!!). The multitudinous perspectives and the ways people employ to convey them effectively is truly remarkable. I daresay I have some people here whom I already think of as friends and I welcome in advance all the friendships-to-be.
The time is come, the stage is set,
The pen is fit to flow,
My memories are here, my wonder there,
One year is ready to go.
So many days, so many nights,
and yet they seem but few,
when I think back, the numerous thoughts,
those threads you and I did sew.
Countless expressions and multiple views,
your womb has nurtured them all,
you've borne periods of ecstasy, urgency too,
and tantrums both big and small.
So goodbye year, you have been great,
and honest, eventful and true,
It is with pleasure and a little pain,
That I bid thee, a final adieu.


  1. Many many happy returns of the day to "Mea Culpa", a young but intelligent blog. I hope Mea Culpa lives a long and eventful life, and keeps up the high standards which it has already achieved in its one year life.

    @ Mystish

    The poem was really nice ;)

    And I don't know much abt how ur biological cycle of creativity functions, but I really hope u don't return to the vegetative state any time soon !

  2. huggss n kisses :) on ur blog's b'day sissy :) hope to see many mre of ur outstanding piece of work :)

  3. @Saurabh
    thank you thank you :)
    i hope so too!

  4. @Swatu
    mwah mwah!
    thank you!

  5. Happy B'day, mea culpa! :) I just went through some of your posts Mystish, and I think it's a crime to deprive your readers of such nice writing.

    Do write more often, please! :)