Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do You?

Do you smile when you sometimes hear birds chirping in the wee hours of morning? Do you sing in the shower? Do you sigh when you see happy endings in movies? Do you tip-toe to the refrigerator at one in the night and eat ice-cream straight from the bowl? Do you hum along when you hear an old song you love? Do you keep a special person's picture in your wallet? Do you love talking with somebody late into the night? Do you blow kisses to people across a room? Do you dance like no one is watching? Do you adore rain drops on your skin? Do you feel bliss laying down in a sleepy-drunk state after a tiring day's work? Do you light up when friends turn up to give you surprises? Do you remember your favourite poem by heart? Do you feel nice when someone thanks you? Do you return a smile a stranger passes you? Do you like holding hands while crossing roads? Do you wish you could share a beautiful view with someone? Do you stare at the sunset , or a cascade of rain? Do you like to feel the wind in your face? Do you put your head in your mother's lap so she would ruffle your hair? Do you feel awe when you see cloud formations in the sky? Do you shout your lungs out on a roller-coaster ride? Do you laugh along when you see a baby laughing? Do you dig Tom and Jerry? Do you give a hug all you've got? Do you appreciate the small things in life? Life's small happinesses? Do You?


  1. The post reminds me of these wonderful lines by W H Davies-

    "What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare"

    Strangely, I was just thinking about some of these questions a few hours ago, after reading a beautiful poem in my English Literature class today. Thankfully enough, I can answer positively to most of the questions you have posed, but somehow I feel, we have unnecessarily complicated our lives so much that we miss the little simple pleasures of life!

    And each and every question in this post was so thoughtfully picked up, I'm all awed by your ability to see the fine details and daintiness of life!

  2. so true..
    i mean, what is this compulsive-obsessive need to be all prim and proper and serious ALL the time?? what the hell happened to having a little time and space for ourselves- to unwind and let go.
    I love that poem too :)
    thanks for the comments.

  3. yes sissy i do..:)
    each question is beautiflly carved :)
    Take care!!

  4. oye!!
    thank you sister :)
    miss you

  5. I certainly do..
    felt a special warmth reading this post.. :)
    take care :)

  6. Yes to a few of those. Lesser today, than they used to be in the past. But your post reminds me that while striving for what we want, we can find happiness in what we have.

    Really nice! :)

  7. thats a great way of putting it!
    crisp and spot-on!!
    thanks :)

  8. @workhard
    thank you :)
    certainly are..