Thursday, July 9, 2009

For Friends

(Dedicated to soul-brothers and soul-sisters.)

You lent me yours when I ran out of crayon,
And held my hand while crossing dark hallways,
And though those days have passed, yes they’re gone,
I remember your smile-kissed young face, always.
Always, when I’m feeling the blues,
And life seems too tough to bear,
I recall your paintings, with their splash of hues,
You gave me each December, every year.
How, with you around, sunlight always looked too bright,
And how can I forget, dearest, our gazing together at the star-filled night.
All the dreams, hopes, wishes-on-stars and the moon-shine,
Dare I ever let go these wonderful memories I consider all mine?
Friend- you are a pint of beer that tastes like starry skies,
And you, with your eccentricities, are the pineapple of my crazy eyes.
So, promise me, you’ll still be my friend, even if I turn enemy,
And you’ll be something..someone…who’ll always..just be.
Swear that you’ll mean for me, a journey that never ends,
God, where would we be in this world,
If it wouldn’t be for friends.


  1. brilliant work..
    friends are to be treasured especially those we know from childhood..

  2. @Amal
    thank you. i hope you did read my comment on your post-bring back the warmth..i liked it immensely..