Monday, July 27, 2009

December Girl

Winter is my birth season. It had to be. Nothing else would have worked for me, I am sure of it. I simply couldn't have been born in summer- wouldn't have survived the blazing, puncturing heat; nor spring- too wishful for my taste. Rains could've actually done the trick except in India they are too temperamental, and autumn- do we really have that season here or is it just another thing we conveniently borrowed from the west and then forgot to return? Anyway, so you see, point proven.
I love winters. Other than the obvious reason cited above it is genuinely a time of the year I eagerly await. If one were to ask what was it I liked best about winters, I would be found fumbling for words, and that would be saying something about me as I do not find myself in similar predicaments often( to cut a long story short, I am a talker). But this shouldn't be understood to mean that I don't have enough things to say, on the contrary, I have too much and simply wouldn't know where to begin and when to end. What do I like best? The onset of the season when the days become pleasant and the nights pleasantly chilly. When the Sun seems like a blessed presence warming our faces and our backs. The chill evenings and warm cups of tea and coffee with friends. Cosy hugs which last forever. Rubbing hands of each-other to keep them warm. Solitary book-reading rituals against a window with sunlight streaming in. Encroaching a warmed blanket. Sticking cold toes amid warm ones. Hot water baths. Foggy mornings. Blowing fake smoke rings in the air. The pleasure of a brisk sunny walk. Breakfast of the richest variety. Not having to bother about power outages. Colorful pullovers knitted by your grandmother...
If you stop to think about it, winters give us the opportunity to cling to each other more, hold on to each other for that much longer. To be able to feel in actuality all the compassion and tenderness that is inherently encased in a human touch is what endears me to the season. The inclement weather and numbing sensations make room for immense warmth. Not just a feeling of it internally, but the uninhibited, unreserved exhibition of the same. Isn't that a wonderful thing?
Winter is my birth season. It had to be. :)


  1. Beautifully expressed, I'm completely impressed!

    I also like winters a lot, but I was born in summers :(

    Anyway, in my city Lucknow, the winters sometimes become very chilly, and since it is so hot the rest of the time, I have difficulty withstanding the rare freezing temperature.

    Still, 90 percent of winter days are a pleasure to be in, when everything becomes so romantic and acquires a beautiful meaning.

  2. @Saurabh
    listen! i completely love you for such kind words :P