Thursday, September 11, 2008


last night was most interesting. no, none of my strange dreams this time but a really absorbing conversation with someone i barely knew, only having met twice before- the first time was funny and the second was a disaster.. and guess what, our talk lasted from eleven in the night to fifteen to five in the morning..when i had this unjust preconception about the person being....well lets just say...intractable..the talk began very innocently and i was determined not to let it get personal initially, but you know how it goes- sometimes even the best of intentions....anyhow. so yes it did get personal, and it was a catharsis i needed i think..the sense of getting rid of that excess baggage, or probably not losing it altogether but a part of it, through the help of someone who can have a brutally, mercilessly objective perspective on things really helps you formulate your own idiosyncrasies as well..also one needs to realize that no two people are the same..and its neither good nor bad, its just plain and simple difference. and the sooner one learns to respect this fundamental and all-pervasive characteristic in humans the better..we all secretly or not so secretly hate or learn to hate this thing called a difference of opinion..what we fail to consider and contemplate is the kind of unbearable monotony which would exist if there were no contradictions and contentions..and differing in thoughts, contrary to popular belief, does not mean that harmony cannot be achieved..all one needs to do is exercise a certain amount of tolerance and not be totally and adamantly dismissive of another's thats what i tried hard to do, patient and non-judgemental listening..though there were still a lot of things i couldnt bring myself to nod my head to, it was such a revelation nonetheless..that another individual can be as passionate and unyeilding about his/her singular belief structure as one is about one's own..and we never once stop to think that the same logic applies to both..if you dont/wont/cant let go off your ideologies, its unfair in fact absurd to have that sort of an expectation of someone else..a lot is still in my head but its kind of hard to put all that in words..some other time maybe.


  1. An amazing collection of thoughts, beautifully beaded into deep meaning words..!!

  2. It is such a simple thing... yet so difficult to understand.. and even more difficult to practice.. even though we realize this fact we become impatient when others don't agree with us..
    You've presented a very serious idea in a very simple and beautiful manner.. bravo!!