Friday, September 12, 2008

a good turn

the behavioural science session on friday was kidding..i think it was a much needed exercise for the class to shed its inhibitions collectively..and begin to recognize that we are a single entity..standing in front of the lot with whom one is going to share the better part of her/his next two years and making a genuine effort to connect with the larger sensibility of the class worked wonders for us..the most fun part was the bit where you got to give your feedbacks to the one person concerned..that way it was assured that the exchange wasnt unbalanced and the flow of interaction remained undeterred..of course it became quite sporty and a tad bit tomfoolerish when people began narrating uninhibitedly about their successful or not so successful love lives but in the end it added to the festivity and wiped out the last scrapes of formality which were looming...(to be continued)

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